why am I doing this?


October 8, 2010 by itheebake

So, I am getting married( as you do) and also I love baking, it relaxes me, it soothes my senses, you know: it’s like yoga, but yummier (not that I would know as I have never tried yoga)
Anyhoo one day I had a brilliant idea: I would bake my wedding cake! my very own one, because I don’t like bakery cakes or supermarket cakes, they just taste generic and boring to me.
Besides, I want a whole table full of desserts, a lavish spread of sugary treats, all handmade.
Now, when I told this to my sister (let’s call her little sister, as I know she much rather remain anonymous) she thought I was crazy and said that the last thing I would want to be doing the day before my wedding is making cakes.
I tried to convince her that yes, the one thing I would want to be doing on the day before my wedding is making cakes, because: I like baking (see above) and because it relaxes me (see above too) and what else would I be doing? what does one do on the day before their wedding? I have never been married before so I don’t know, but I assume that by then pretty much everything is sorted and you just do what you wanna do, something along the lines of putting fancy facemasks on and cucumbers on your eyes and chillaxing. I might also do that, actually, it doesn’t sound too shabby, but both things are not exclusive, like, there is no rule written that says you can’t bake and moisturise at the same time, right?
So, this brings to the present day, when I decide to start baking in order to improve my skills, to try different recipes and maybe get a realistic idea of how crazy this is.
This is going to be fun!!!

2 thoughts on “why am I doing this?

  1. Fyi, you can freeze un-iced cakes. If, you know, you do lose the plot as your day approaches.

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