first attempt: chocolate cake with creamcheese vanilla icing


October 10, 2010 by itheebake

The original plan is to bake a different cake every week. Perhaps returning to a recipe only to improve it by adding or removing ingredients.

First baby out of the oven was a chocolate cake with cream cheese vanilla icing (and some cognac thrown in there too, for good measure).

The cake recipe is a traditional chocolate sponge, substituted the butter cream. I got recipe off the i am baker blog*. I used vanilla yogurt instead of butter milk, because a) it’s easier to find in supermarkets b) I wanted some extra vanillaness in there. Instead of coffee I added plain boiling water because somebody (ahem) doesn’t like coffee flavour in cakes.

The batter felt way too runny when I was making it and thought there was no chance it was going to get the right consistency, not in a million years, but turns out it did and that is the very reason why some people create recipes and I don’t, they know what they’re doing.

While the cake was in the oven I made the cream cheese icing, combining cream cheese, confectioners sugar and cognac (about two capfuls). The icing on its own was amazing! I could had just eaten it as a pudding, spoonful after spoonful.

The cake came out cakey but I must have done something wrong because it was half the height it was supposed to be (or how it looked like in the pictures on the recipe). Nonetheless the cake was very nice but perhaps the icing got a bit lost in the chocolatiness of it.Such a shame ,because the icing as i mentioned earlier was out-standing.

I might try it again with a bit more icing and perhaps some cognac in the batter as well.

Overall a 6/10


* needless to say my cake did not look like this at all.


One thought on “first attempt: chocolate cake with creamcheese vanilla icing

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