Experiments should be kept at home


October 14, 2010 by itheebake

The second week of this adventure saw some crazy cakes.

It so happened that I had a few raspberries in the fridge that were never going to be eaten on their own, because that is the type of house this is: the type that goes to the supermarket and gets lured by all the cheeky offers. After purchasing 3 boxes of raspberries for £3,  the bulk of them were still in the fridge after a few days, so I decided to incorporate them into my cake plans.

They say the best chefs are the ones that can produce a meal out of whatever is left in the cold box. Non?

I stayed safe when it came to making the cake foundations. I used my mom’s tried and tested sponge recipe:

1 plain yogurt (125grm) to be used as the measure

3 measures of flour

1 and 1/2 of plain white sugar

1/2 measure vegetable oil

baking soda (I used a teaspoon)

3 eggs

I mixed the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients separately and then put them together  and added the raspberries slightly chopped into the batter, for extra tanginess.

In the oven at 180 for approximately 30 minutes.

To make it fancier and more weddingy I resolved it should have a white chocolate ganache cover. Because I had not planned properly (I was doing the whole cheffy thing of making do) I had to go and get some white chocolate from my local supermarket on a Sunday -almost evening. All that was left was a dozen of milky bars (sorry Mr. Milky bar if I need to pay some copy rights I know not how to go about it, but I figure this is good publicity for your bars with the traffic this blog receives, so we both win) I got all that were left on the shelf, to the amusement of the check out boy and was on my way.

I made the ganache with white chocolate and cream. Warmed the cream in a pan and pour over the white chocolate just before it starts to simmer. Wait for the paste to cool down. I waited a couple of hours: not enough! I had read that it takes about 24 hours for it to achieve the right consistency, alas I read but did not believe (or followed).

I put some extra raspberry jam in the middle of the cake.

The whole thing was nice, but there were some problems, like the white chocolate ganache being over powered by the raspberries.

I believe perhaps more baking soda is needed, since it did not rise as it did when I cooked it with my momma.

I would give it a 6


One thought on “Experiments should be kept at home

  1. María says:

    Bueni pinti!!!!!

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