Second experiment: banana cake

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October 18, 2010 by itheebake

After making the raspberry cake I had a lot of white chocolate ganache left* to play with so I thought I’d make another cake, this one belonged to the same family as the raspberry one: what’s in my fruit bowl?

A couple of over ripe bananas make the best banana bread, but since you can’t have a banana bread for wedding cake (or can you?) I turned it into banana cake. I adapted the staple sponge cake recipe adding the two very well mashed bananas.

The cake again didn’t rise tall (there is a pattern here, see?) and the result was a couple of slim sandwiches. Some white chocolate ganache went in the middle and the rest was used to cover it and make it look pretty and wedding worthy.

The taste was alright, very bananay, nothing to write home about.  My northern monkey liked it.



* Despite my hard work- I had been eating ganache off the spatula relentlessly for the best part of the evening


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