The one that broke my heart.


October 24, 2010 by itheebake

While I was elbows deep into my research I came across some wonderful food blogs that totally put mine to shame.  There are some damn good cooks out there that can write too! double damn.

One other thing I read about baking powder and I failed to mention in my last post is that it stops working above 170C. Please pay attention to this detail cause it becomes crucial to the development of this heartache, I mean, cake.

I found this beauty online, and me being a sucker for a good mix of salty and sweet put it at the top of my list of cakes to try.

I was proper excited to make this cake, I decided to bake it during one of our special culinary days, when we go out, buy expensive ingredients in posh places and make a mean dinner (he makes, I lick the spatula and wash, really).

So we went to an upmarket supermarket I am not mentioning for fear of infringing some kind of copyright laws – I am still pretty new to this world. I got the posh chocolate, the posh salt, the posh eggs, the posh crème fraîche.. you get the drill.  In the baking section some concoction called cream of tartar caught my eye. I had not come across this thing before so I did what I do best: succumbed to the temptation of the new. On the back it said that mixing it with baking soda (2/1) you can make your own baking powder-at this point I heard a choir of angels sing Hallelujah as the heavens of baking gods opened in front of me. Plus it was only 50p-ish.

As we got home a tad bit late I was very close to not baking at all but I owe myself and my craft to my fans, so I soldiered through and finished baking around 10p.m. ish.

The cake was not difficult to make and I was just sailing through the process until… when pouring the batter in one of the moulds there was a leakage of epic proportions.  I reckon the loss of batter was about 15%. After sorta fixing it, in they went. Trying to be cunninger than cunning I remember the bit I read about how baking powder dies beyond the 170C so I changed the setting of the oven to 16oC, to save the thing from not rising again.

Everything looked very promising. while the thing was in the oven I made the chocolate ganache and the praline and the salted caramel bits.

Do I need to say what happened next. It did not rise.  My heart was broken, I nearly cried. The cake taste nice but the consistency was slightly off.

Looking at the bright side I learned how to make salted caramel and praline.

My colleagues ate it. They’d eat anything.


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