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October 27, 2010 by itheebake

Right about when I was about to throw in the (kitchen) towel a recipe came and saved me from despair.

Suggested by the man who lives with me I decided to drop the American recipes and follow a British one, for a change. Not as easily done as said ( this is easier said than done in my contrived way of repeating sayings) since all the resources I have are American, all the blogs and food websites I visit regularly are from across The Pond.

Rummaging through my cooking books and magazines I found an observer food special from about 3 years ago with a Gordon Ramsay  Black Forest Gateau recipe (yeah, I know, back straight to the 70’s!).

So I said to myself: One more, just one more and when this one fails too, then, you get collecting info about cake makers in your area and perhaps enrol a couple of your long suffering friends and take them to some hardcore tasting sessions (I was kinda looking forward to this bit).

This time I was going to do everything according to recipe, I was going to follow the motherf**** to the letter, not one gram more than stated, not a milliliter less.  And boy did I do this!!

This was no easy recipe, this has about 100,000 different processes, you have to do this step by step, very carefully and work your whisker to the bone. Eggs are separated (3 of them) the whites whisked to soft peaks and the sugar and butter creamed together then yolks added one by one to this mixture. All the dry ingredients are sifted together. and lastly the dry ingredients and whites are incorporated to the creamed sugar in careful steps, folding, not mixing!!, fooooooolding so the air stays in. It all goes in the oven at 150C (you guys I have no idea how to get the degree symbol, so sorry) for 40 to 50 minutes.

This is one of the few cakes I’ve seen that go in at 150 instead of the more common 180, I do not know if this is what makes this cake special, but my does it work!

I know I can hardly contain my enthusiasm when writing this! It was amazing! awesome! unbelievable! It rose, it rose so high it almost touched the ceiling of the oven. It was a marvel

Look at it, it looks so cosy in there.

Overall I had to keep it in the oven for 50 minutes and about 5 extra minutes on 160 because it was still not done (and I was getting a bit impatient).

Because none of us are big fans of black forest gateaux per se I made a peanut butter icing. This one was my own creation, sorta, I followed a recipe that said: icing sugar, whole milk and peanut butter. But I put it all together, as much as I considered  appropriate in a bowl and whisked until it looked fluffy and slightly paler than peanut butter.

And I must say, the credit where it’s due: It was Yummy, Scrumptious, Amazing. So amazing that this one didn’t see the light of day, this one stayed in the house, we did not share it with anyone, we are that greedy.

It made me believe in cakes again, and it made me trust Gordon Ramsay. I mean, he might be a bit of a – thinking very hard of what adjective to use here, since one day when I am a famous cake baker I might have to work with him for like a charity event or something- bully? yeah, a bit of a bully, but he knows cooking,  those Michelin rosettes don’t come easily.

Excuse the bad quality of my photos, one day I’ll have a good photographer come and take them for me, until then you’re going to have to trust my word and the bad pictures.


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