Cake Maverick

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November 29, 2010 by itheebake

I am back at it.Back at doing what I do best: cake mavericking.

I decided that is what I am, a cake maverick.

After a couple of weeks of not touching the spatula I got back on track yesterday. I though what better thing to do a frosty Saturday morning than to bake some goodies and get some practice? I had a brand new batch of fresh eggs (from the supermarket, don’t y’all go thinking I actually own chickens) and a new joie de baking! the two or so weeks I spent away from the kitchen helped me, I had become a bit scared of cakes and felt too much pressure when stepping on to the dreaded baking spot. There is nothing better than facing a cake with fresh ideas and fresh courage! Maybe a couple of years of pastry school are actually better but that is completely besides the point.

I made a chocolate cake (I know, I know, I have made waaaaay too many chocolate cakes already, but there is very little point in any other type of cake. If there is no chocolate in it, forget about it, I’m not interested)

This time I used a variation with yoghurt in it, using the yoghurt cup as a meassure.

The cake has a double filling of buttercream and chocolate ganache (I know, I know) and is covered with the ganache.

I had some frozen ganache so I decided, very economically, to defrost it. As it was defrosting it split, so I learnt, if your ganache splits all you have to do is whisk it vigorously. It works, it’s like magic.

Now, the butter cream…. as I mentioned at the beginning, I am a bit of a maverick, I was making the usual (icing sugar and butter) buttercream, but at the same time on the other side of the kitchen Hollandaise sauce was being produced and some egg-whites were available, so I decided to throw them in there because for some reason I remembered a recipe I had read a good few weeks ago of Swiss buttercream that included egg-whites. In my mind this was a genious idea, in reality it was a mess. I whisked and whisked but it just did not become the fluffy moussy mixture I was hoping for, nevertheless it went on the cake, after all it’s the taste that counts? right?

The cake per se was delicious, the ganache and buttercream add too much sweetness for me. Next time I think I’ll combine this cake recipe with another type of icing and I could have the winning combination.


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