Vanilla and Amaretto cakes

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December 6, 2010 by itheebake

I admit it, I am kind of sold on cupcakes, I think they’re perfectly sized for people like me who want a small taste of the sweetness without the guilt inducing size of  real cake portions. At the same time I am not a fan of the fad and how they have become the new it food, so much so that people are starting to look for the next cupcakes (whoopee pies, apparently). At some point I considered cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, mainly because I didn’t want one of those horrible fondat clad cakes with flowers and ribbons and what not. I preferred the rustic more natural look of cupcakes with the much more appetising buttercream.

That was until I saw some homemade cakes online and I believed again in the possibilities of a well made cake, a cake product of hard work and love. Everyone deserves a cake made with love and not fondant on their wedding day.

Anyhoo I digress, all of that was a very long introduction to my next production: vanilla and amaretto cupcakes.I say cupcakes, they were more like saucer cakes.

The cake recipe was easy, no mess, no fuss. It has yoghurt so the process wasn’t quite as complicated as with other cakes. There is the usual separation of the dry and wet ingredients but apart from that you don’t have to whisk the egg whites to soft peaks which makes it quicker, and much more convenient for the D-day.

Because nothing in my house ever goes smoothly and my baking is cursed with the unexpected, the molds I had used to make the cupcakes were indeed muffin molds, so perhaps not as sturdy as they should have been. I was bitterly disappointed when I saw the things collapse and become saucers, I really wanted a perfect batch of cupcakes, my confidence needed them!

As I was sinking my head between my hands in defeat my very wise man told me: you are doing this to show people how not to do things, right? And there I heard my calling, my epiphany: I am making all these mistakes so you don’t have to.

Here they are in all their deformed glory.

Instead of giving up on them I continued as planned and made the cream cheese icing with amaretto. 3 sploshes at least.

The icing was, I tell you, Amazing!

The cupcakes we also, strangely delicious and the frosting made them taste even better. All and all this was I think my favourite recipe. I am going  to try to make it in a big cake see how it goes. Perhaps even a two tier cake! stay with me and I’ll show you.

That up there is my pathetic attempt at decorating with icing. I think I’ll just stick to the slapping it on and evening out. Flourishes are not for me.


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