We’re getting there


December 12, 2010 by itheebake

Yesterday I started practising the stacking of cakes.

Looking at the internet videos I got a bit scared because they all recommend using specialised baker wooden wedges (or whatever they’re called) and I had none. I tried doing it without them, and it kind of works! Albeit the top tier is not very big, but 24 hours later it is still holding on.

I made a vanilla cake for the bottom layer in a 9 inch mold and a chocolate one for the top in a smaller one (don’t ask, I am not good at maths)

The bottom one came out a bit blah, I used vanilla syrup instead of real vanilla pod and it shows (or should I say it tastes?). It’s rather bland and tasteless.

The top one is something else…I like it , and I am not just blowing my own trumpet here, you know I wouldn’t lie to you guys. I made it with Demerara sugar with gives it a toasty rich flavour. I used a bit of extra caster sugar too because tasting the mix I didn’t think it was sweet enough.  Yes, I do that, I try the mix, I eat the batter, I lick the spatula, the pots, the whisk…the lot.

Right now the trickiest bit for me is getting the frosting to look smooth and tidy and pretty, and most of all: appetising. But I reckon I am on my way.



And  a closeup of my tools:

As you can see, not very evenly iced












but it looks almost perfect from this angle.











A good effort over all. Non?


2 thoughts on “We’re getting there

  1. Monty de Marichalar says:

    Tengo un wikileaks sobre ti. Si no quieres que se dfunda, quiero una tarta entregada cada semana en una dirección que ya te pasaré. Sino, atente a las consecuencias. Hasta la cajita de los malos rollos, tiene un pasado malrollero….

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