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January 6, 2011 by itheebake

The internet is full of amazing ideas.

Just a dabble round some of the favourite foodblogs and my head is again buzzing with inspiration and lust for baking.

There are a couple of staple blogs that never fail to inspire my baking for various reasons.

Joy the baker is a funny witty and judging by the looks of her cakes darn good baker/cook. Also her pictures kinda of make you wanna move to L.A

Smitten kitchen has a vast array of recipes cake and not cake with a list of seasonal recipes and ingredients and really beautiful pictures too.

David Lebovitz is more than a blogger, he is a food writer with many a published book and a sweet life in Paris.


These are just three of the millions and millions of great food(cake)bloggers out there, but they are the ones that have got me reaching for the spatula again, they even inspired me to get out of the house on this dreary rainy day to re-stack my baking drawer.


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