New tools


January 7, 2011 by itheebake

new tools

If I had any readers apart from you two this would definitely be a sponsored post, because I am here to blab and blab about these amazing new tools I got for Christmas and that I am totally in love with!

The measuring cup is perfect for me because it has american and british measures (who knew british and american cups are different?) and other lot of different measures which means I don’t have to bring out the scales for every tiny tweak. Love it.

The sifter even more amazing because it means that I don’t have to use the sieve that no matter what will make my kitchen look like a colombian den (no offence to Colombians here, please)

And some things I never knew existed before I started this task adventure:

cake leveler, need I say more?

Icing spatulas: invaluable! I love them already and we have only known each other for a week or so. Thus is the power of love.

I got some other goodies I have not debuted yet but will be showcased very soon.

Also, here is a sneak peek at my baking drawer. Organised chaos, just like my brain

organised chaos


One thought on “New tools

  1. The family's friend says:

    Well, I’m glad (and I hope) you’re addressing me when you mention those two readers. I have to say I’m utterly impressed by your immersion in the world of cakes and bakery. Hopefully, your devotion will result in the most laureated cake ever in GDforo! I suppose this rules out the brownie experiment…
    Enjoy your baking and get your mother to pass on you her profound wisdom in the art of arranging items in drawers and cupboards!

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