greatest hit< schiffon coffee chocolate cake


January 13, 2011 by itheebake

If I was a recording artist and my cakes were my songs this one would have been my greatest hit to date.

This schiffon cake with coffee and rum syrup and chocolate frosting was revered by the colleagues and work friends.

Proper recipe here

Although I love all of my  cakes the same, I could never pick just one, they’re like my sugar and flour and butter babies, this might be one of my proudest moments, simply because it was a four layer cake and I managed to make it look almost professional. Almost. You see there is something called the crum layer that nobody talks about in the internet and turns out is kind of important when you’re trying to make your cake look smooth and flawless. Well it consists of a first layer of icing put to keep all the crums inside the cake so they don’t show.

The layers did not come out very even, they were more like pentagonal shapes than round but the icing hides all that.

See here:










and first layer of icing:









and the finished product, a slightly tower of pisa- like cake (need to work on stacking layers)










and some arty pictures of the final product


One thought on “greatest hit< schiffon coffee chocolate cake

  1. GDzaps says:

    I just hope you’ll delight us with one of those in your next visit to BCN. It looks SOOO yummy!

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