Bit of a mess

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January 25, 2011 by itheebake

After six months of baking (golly gosh, it feels like yesterday) I thought it’d be cool to go back to one of the recipes from the beginning of my journey and check how much I have progressed and how much more I understand cakes now.

I went back to make my very first cake with a different icing. Different decorating technique altogether.

Ha, was I in for a big reality check.

Again the cake did  not rise, and it became a fudgy mess. Nothing like a cake fail to bring you back down. Such is the humbling nature of cakes, they remind you they are the boss. The gods of the cakes are not benign, but very demanding and strict.

I remember doing everything according to the recipe, no shortcuts this time, no cheats or ad libs, and still it was a sloppy cake.

But don’t you tell my work colleagues because I told them it was a fudge type cake and they love it. There is quite nothing like work colleagues to bring your baking morale back up.

I also tried a new decorating trick I learn on the t’interwebs, to be more specific here. (just the decoration, not the cake recipe). It definitely looked easier to make on paper. I must admit it was quite difficult to get the crumbs on to the sides of the cake.

Now, I am not sure if this chocolate cake is going to become my Moby Dick but I am determined to get it right between now ant the day of the wedding.


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