Lemon cake, the ugly duckling of cakes


January 31, 2011 by itheebake

Almost everyone at work that had my cake claimed not to like lemon cake, but…

Nobody seems to like lemon cakes, they are the ugly duckling of cakes, the black sheep of baking. So I am not really sure what prompted me to make one, I think I was looking for something fruity and tangy  and a bit of a departure from my usual chocolate creations.

This time I must confess to a few more shortcuts taken on this cake which I never told my work colleagues because I want to earn a reputation as the master baker of the bunch and cheating simply would not do. But since none of them know about this blog I can tell you, my readers and confidants: I used shop made lemon curd and buttercream.gasp.horror!

But it’s not what it looks like, I can explain: it was because I couldn’t be bothered (curd) and  because I wanted to see how shop-bought buttercream behaved.

The buttercream I must say had a very easy to spread consistency, which I guess is what I have been missing. If only it helped me reinforce the notion that I need a kitchen mixer to make the perfect buttercream.

I can not judge on the curd’s qualities because I had only tasted lemon curd once before and on this cake it was well masked between layers of cake and lashings of buttercream.

Overall I think it looked good, almost good enough.

The credit for this recipe must go to Martha Stewart and her team of bakers.

The lemons on the top were cooked in sugar and oil and are edible. But don’t ask me cause I didn’t eat them. I don’t like lemon cake. ha ha get it?


3 thoughts on “Lemon cake, the ugly duckling of cakes

  1. EvilTwin says:

    For the record, I love lemon cakes. And lemon pies/tarts even more.

  2. itheebake says:

    Thou shalt hath lemon cake .

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