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February 5, 2011 by itheebake

There is no other word to describe the last cake I baked.

Truth be told I was very close to skipping the post about this cake but my honesty is more powerful than my vanity. Yep, that is the kind of person I am, and thus is my duty to you, my readers: I will not shy away from presenting my fails and flaws to my audience. I am here to teach you from my mistakes.

So here it goes.

I had been wanting to make this recipe from smitten kitchen since the first day I sat eyes on it: Chocolate cake peanut butter frosting and peanut butter chocolate ganache. I don’t think there is a single sentence in the English language more powerful and seductive than that one.

So I decided it was time to make all my fantasies come true and make me one of those babies, with the sole intention of admiring it, cause I don’t eat cake, you know, I am a bride-to-be and on the obligatory diet.

After months of practice I figured I was ready to tackle this apparently daunting recipe. The thing that daunted me was the fact that it calls for distilled white vinegar. This is apparently to help the baking powder do its job. I was a bit scared of using it just in case I put too much and the cake ended up tasting like a sour vinegary mess.

Well it didn’t taste like vinegar, but let me tell you: it did not rise either. I was   dumbfounded when I took the two layers out of the oven and they were flat as a tire. Try as I might I could not think of what could have gone wrong this time. What could it be!! I had follow the instructions to a tee ( I am getting proper good and following instructions, really).

Despite this tiny throwback I continued making the icing and chocolate ganache. The peanut butter frosting is the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth. it is really really good, not difficult to make albeit a little bit on the calorific side.

The ganache was good, ganache is ganache, you can’t really go wrong although I might use more peanut butter and less treacle next time ( I do not do corn syrup).

Assembled the thing looked decent enough, but for next time I learnt my lesson: let the cake cool down completely before frosting, same thing with the ganache: let the frosting rest and cool down (like the recipe says, ideally in the fridge) before pouring the ganache.

When I had made my peace with the cake and the fact that it had not risen and was kind of hard and chewy and not crumbly at all, it hit me, it came to me like a gospel:I forgot to put baking powder!!! DUH and DUH.

oh well, next time, hey?


I leave you with some piccies of the creature


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