white velvet cake


February 13, 2011 by itheebake

That is my version on a red velvet cake. Or more like, that is what you call it when you can’t be bothered to leave the house to go and get some red food colouring.  In the end the taste is the same and I am of the opinion  “only put on a plate (or a cake) what is essential for flavour” what is the point of the colour otherwise?

I know it might seem that there is a connecting thread through all of my posts where things get tweaked slightly just because I can’t be bothered to leave the house. Let me reassure you, this is true, but in my defense I must say it has been cold and windy and rainy and my house is so very very comfortable and warm and cosy and it’s hard to shift the cat out of my lap, she really is very clingy. Come spring (it really can’t come quick enough) I will be out everyday picking out berries and foraging the kerbs of London to find new and exciting ingredients to put on my cakes. That is, of course, if this blog is still alive after the due date, which I have not decided yet as it is too painful to think about it.

Back to the cake.

I made a red white velvet cake using my new baby kitchen mixer.  was really thrilled to use it for the first time. it worked really really well when creaming the butter and sugar and mixing the rest of ingredients. It really is a good investment.

For the covering I wanted to work further with my new toy so I made a buttercream with a splosh of brandy (big one).

My intention was to recreate this but you can compare and see how it turned out yourselves.

I think I might have overmixed the butercream and it began separating so this made the roses very very runny and so much so that the ones on the sides came sliding down as soon as I made them so I had to settle for just roses on the top:

People at work loved this one. I am starting to wonder whether they’re being honest or just indulging me because they genuinely seem to like all the cakes I make. Even the worse ones.





3 thoughts on “white velvet cake

  1. EvilTwin says:

    What did you use to make the roses?

  2. María says:

    Andemo, muy bueni pinti!! Muy de boda, vas a hacer esta?

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