Bear with me


February 22, 2011 by itheebake

I know it must be hard to be invited to a wedding and be reminded everyday (ahem, more like every week) about the prospect of confronting an awful cake.

So Please bear with me and have faith, and, eat a lot during dinner to avoid disappointment. Or perhaps it would work better if you didn’t eat a thing and were completely starved by the time we were to start with the cakes.

I assume everybody knows by now but just in case I will say it again: No tacky cake cutting with a sword for us, thank you very much. SO you’ll all have to help yourselves to the cake you fancy the look of the most.


One thought on “Bear with me

  1. LAUREN says:

    I have a spare pink spotty cake slicer, would it match your theme? I bet the lady B will not provide you with a cake slicer!

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