March 22, 2011 by itheebake

Lots of people find it hard to believe, but I am a very insecure person.I really am. And it’s perhaps because of this insecurity that I spent an exorbitant amount on white chocolate cigarellos. It might not be a three digit figure  but it is, however, a lot to spend just on white chocolate rolled up neatly, 500 rolls of it.

Did I need it? maybe not.Was it a matter of life or death? most definitely not. Do I feel safer now that I have them? Heck Yeah!

The worst bit is that this is not for my plan A, not eve my plan B, this is plan C! and I am still looking for a plan D.


3 thoughts on “

  1. EvilTwin says:

    You’ve got me all confused now about which plan is which. But I’m always up for anything made of white chocolate (even more so than for white chocolate itself).

    Now you made me wonder why did they ever name it white ‘chocolate’. That’s what gets people confused about this food.

  2. itheebake says:

    Not to get all technical on you but white chocolate is in fact 25% chocolate. hahaha.

    • EvilTwin says:

      But then, since it is almost 50% butter, it should be called ‘chocolate butter’. Or is it 50% fat? Chocolate fat?

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