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September 1, 2011 by itheebake

a.k.a Eat your bodyweight in cake for a good cause

The end of the summer is always a funny time of year. People are feeling weary and sad after burning out most of their brain cells in the Costa Blanca and having to come back to the dreaded routine.

It is also a rather slow time at work.

This year some kind hearted people decided to brighten up the cold, gloomy, and cloudy last days of August with a (very successful) bake sale.

It was rather overwhelming the amount of cakes people brought in.

We had a gigantic display with baked goods for all tastes.

The whole thing (in my own humble opinion) was a success and the spirits were more than lifted. Oh and we also managed to raise a good chunk of money for cancer research.

I took some very amateur photos of the event:












Display of baked goods.

That huge courgette was a prop for a “guess the weight” game for 20p you could guess and win that freak of nature of a courgette!

There was also a guess the number of sweets in the jar that went to someone in marketing.







I made Ottolenghi’s chocolate brownie recipe. included a few cherries on top to lighten things up.

If you have tried Ottolenghi’s brownies I am sure you are already obsessed with them.  Legend has it that he uses 100% cocoa solids chocolate and that is what gives them their amazing flavour.

I, mere mortal, could only find the normal stuff, the 75% stuff. But as long as I live I will continue my quest to find the 100% cocoa solids chocolate bar at the end of the rainbow.

The coffee and poppy-seed cake was made with quinoa and it was as tasty as good for you: very!

The hit of the day was the lemon, almond and poppy-seed cake. I do not know the recipe but I can tell you it was moist (insert Paul Foot musings here) and a total hit. I have a photo to prove it.






And we also had bunting, which they were too quick to take down for me to be able to nick borrow.





A great day was had by all, and what a shame I will not be there for the next one 😦




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